impossible to translate

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It is so very convenient to wish for the local languages to replace English in academic settings across the board; but almost impossible to translate and make available thousands of course books, voluminous text materials and other millions of literacy titles that published every other day in one or the other corner of the world.
One additional translation choice in Harney's version that I found especially amusing--though I suspect that it will raise some eyebrows with a few of the more pedantic of our profession--comes in his treatment of a term all but impossible to translate adequately in a single word.
This kind of experience illustrates what Soueif means when she says it is, in a sense, impossible to translate.
The vocabulary used is loaded with nuances that are nearly impossible to translate or convey true meanings.
Silva said: "It's impossible to translate this into words, a unique moment in our lives.
And I found it impossible to translate this into another language.
Dr Zoe Skoulding, who directs the festival, said: "Sometimes it is said that poetry is impossible to translate, but translation itself can be an exciting creative act that brings different cultural perspectives together in new ways.
The precision and poetry of German, especially the compounded terminology of German science, is difficult to describe and often impossible to translate into English.
Without motivated and committed individuals who adhere to good work ethics at all times, it would be impossible to translate the aforesaid national goal into reality," he said at Telecom's year end function and 2011 Performance Awards last week Friday.
While we hear public officials in Washington talk a lot about getting the waste out of the federal budget, too many believe that gridlock makes it impossible to translate words into deeds.
Doesn't this make it very difficult or impossible to translate that concept into practice?