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As part of the practical exercises, the participants will examine the security features of passports, visas, plastic cards and banknotes common in the region and practise identifying facial and behavioural indicators for imposters.
These imposters are using stolen credit cards for payments," the telco said.
As soon as he came back, he found the safe of his shop empty while the imposters disappeared quickly.
Since the bot began calling these imposters out, over a dozen such accounts have been suspended, and others have given up their trolling in frustration at being exposed.
Then the code factored in how common imposters might be.
Elvis Costello & The Imposters Elvis Costello is a much-loved Liverpool Philharmonic regular having performed solo, with his own bands and even with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
Seven paintings by British artists have been removed from museums around the UK in a bid to see if the visiting public can spot the imposters among the collections.
Smelling something wrong, police investigated to ascertain their identity and the exercise proved that both were imposters.
She said: "Social media means imposters can make people believe they're a celebrity.
Rawalpindi -- A man looted was looted by imposters masquerading as police officials in Faizabad in the New Town police station.
But, what should you be doing to manage the trolls, imposters and would-be comedians that may pop up like weeds in a garden?
Live Elvis Costello and The Imposters Festival Theatre, Edinburgh 16.

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