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She was very angry, and yet impotent to give expression to her anger, or know with whom she was angry.
And the woman, leaning against the bunk, raging and impotent, watched herself weighed out in yellow dust and nuggets in the scales erected on the grub-box.
For it bears on and corroborates the view which I have taken on the cause of ordinary variability; namely, that it is due to the reproductive system being eminently sensitive to any change in the conditions of life, being thus often rendered either impotent or at least incapable of its proper function of producing offspring identical with the parent-form.
OUTRAGE is impotent in the face of the stress and suffering detailed by a senior nurse in her account of a Sunday shift at the University Hospital of Wales' emergency unit.
Khurshid created a stir when he called Modi, the incumbent Gujarat chief minister, impotent for his failure to prevent the 2002 Gujarat riots, insisting that while he meant incompetent, he found it too soft a word to use in this case.
napunsak' is a term used for impotent men in Hindi.
MEN would rather be impotent than bald, according to a poll out today.
We had a go at her and she said our stepfather has been impotent for years and that he can be moody and short-tempered.
A BSP MLA accused of raping a 17- year- old girl has claimed that he is impotent and hence not capable of raping anyone.
Matthew Roberson bravely uses them and other textual devices in Impotent, his second novel, a short but potent collection of narratives describing the intersection of life and pharmaceuticals.
My doctor advised me to have surgery and warned me that I may be left impotent and incontinent.
Q I'M 65 years old and have been impotent for the past two years.