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They pulled the bags, they stretched them, they stamped on them and they held them to the light and then they shook those heads, which were packed with philosophy and recipes for potions, and, impotently, they cursed themselves and the bags and the modern world.
This was a programme I suggested in this column last November and, as I said at the time, "Rather than watching impotently as firms lay off key workers, why doesn't the Assembly Government set up a multi-million-pound key fund which enables businesses to temporarily move their workers, during the current economic crisis, onto skills training courses?
He impotently fumes at the constraints his father and his village impose upon him.
Unavoidably, RFRA, under the Ninth Circuit's understanding, is impotently duplicative and fails to change any part of the judicial landscape.
As it happens he had only ten days to complete his grisly work while the world's population watched, some uncaring, some impotently angry, some with smug satisfaction, from outside.
Meanwhile, aid workers and doctors from around the world bide their time at cafes, waiting -- impotently -- for a chance to enter the coastal strip to help.
It proved itself as a rogue partner who does not want peace but likes the situation in Darfur to remain status quo as long as they have the Power (authority), Wealth (money) and Military might (force) and provided that the International Community (UN/AU) continues to be impotently unable to do something positive to change the situation in Darfur by forcing the regime to comply with the Resolutions issued by the United Nations Security council (UNSC).
Specifically, he worries about Islam, and the fact that in the face of a repeated call to jihad against the West, Europe impotently stands still, frozen in fear much as it did at Munich against Hitler.
Jason, next in line to be king, representative of mortal authority, shakes his fists impotently, shouting--in Seneca's version--the previously unutterable at the sky: "There are no gods
Either accept the inevitable or curse impotently at the laughing wind.
Smart people and good people may argue over the way out of this mess, but we'll continue to bury kids and wring our hands impotently until we agree on the basics: We have to salvage the next generation of gangbangers while crushing the current generation.
Early in February, while the country's political leadership dithered and stood impotently on the side lines, Kenya's business leaders went into action.