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Fowler can only impotently mock the interloper's knowledge by telling him that "if yon live in a place long enough you cease to read about it" (24).
I think it would be far better to leave the EU now rather than sit back and watch the crews in charge of the countries concerned impotently twiddling their thumbs and umming and arring rather than waiting until our already damaged economies have bled dry to prop up others and the oncoming disaster grows ever worse.
The stalls were out of commission; I was caught on the hop and watched impotently as the horse strode to victory from a flag start.
In 2006, after attending a regional conservation workshop and impotently listening to tales of environmental woe, 3 like-minded friends, another veterinarian, a wildlife manager, and an environmental educator, and I were stirred into action.
Raising children is tragedy in slow motion, as you impotently watch them escape your loving clutches.
In many cases, kids have their childhoods stolen from them while society stands impotently by.
Moltke repeatedly abjured the responsibility of giving orders while complaining impotently of "ordre-countreordre-desordre;" his subordinates proved unwilling to press for clarification.
And if the United States, suffering losses such as have not been sustained since World War II, was seeming to prevail, the mystery--for some--of China's indulgence toward super-reckless North Korea would come clear as the North invaded the South and, with little in reserve, we turned impotently to the fate of millions of Koreans and the 27,000 American soldiers in their midst.
The United States must not stand by impotently while Ahmadi-nejad acquires the means to carry out his horrific threat.
We rallied impotently in our last at-bats by loading the bases with the help of an error and two walks.
WHO'D DRIVE IT Believers in the best WHILE others spin their wheels impotently, my Range Rover conquers all.
We ignore their threats and initial strikes until finally President Clinton impotently fires cruise missiles at a training camp, harming few.