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PPPs put the health care of impoverished countries like Zambia and Liberia at risk of unjust and unpayable debt.
Abdelhakim al-Kahlani, the spokesman for Yemen's Ministry of Health, said the bacterial infection had resurfaced the previous week in the impoverished country, with reported cases in 10 provinces.
The recruitment, with general and counter service posts available, is in favor of impoverished college students.
The survey, which was conducted by TOBB University's Center for Social Policy Research, claims that the number of impoverished people listed by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) was calculated based solely on individuals' income and expenditures, and thus is not an accurate reflection.
Building a Culture of Hope: Enriching Schools with Optimism and Opportunity is a guide written especially for educators who serve impoverished children.
In an E-statement, the facility said the world community is a partner in the bloodshed in Syria as it has done nothing to stop killings and displacement in the impoverished country.
Summary: Sudan's oil ministry said on Sunday that the first crude from South Sudan reached its territory, bringing both impoverished nations closer to billions of dollars in revenue after a dispute over fees.
It is heart-warming to see young individuals embark on creative and unique ventures with a strong commitment to help the impoverished in responsible ways.
John Copley's production of La Boheme recreates Paris in the 1830s from the lively Latin Quarter, where hawkers and traders ply their wares, to a draughty attic where impoverished artists live.
The contents in the report are: A[cedilla] Israel's Legacy -- In Numbers A[cedilla] Palestine's Isolated And Impoverished Capital A[cedilla] Deprivation of Water Resources A[cedilla] Occupation and Siege -- The Gaza Strip A[cedilla] Detention of Nearly a Quarter of all Palestinians A[cedilla] Most Recent Israeli Steps in Occupied East Jerusalem A[cedilla] Impoverishing the Occupied Population You can access the report in the following link: http://www.
The stresses of poverty -- such as crowded conditions, financial worry, and lack of adequate child care -- lead to impaired learning ability in children from impoverished backgrounds, according to a theory by a researcher funded by the National Institutes of Health.