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There is even an acceptance of abortion, which is always, in addition to being an abominable crime, a senseless impoverishment of the person and of society itself.
Considering the suffering of the indigenous peoples and enslaved Africans who extracted the gold and silver that made its way to Spain--and the ongoing economic and cultural impoverishment of their descendants--a Spanish claim to any recovered wealth may prove both legally and morally difficult to justify.
introduce the theme of enchantment, disenchantment, and re-enchantment regarding art's role in the spiritual progress or impoverishment of modern Western civilization.
And there is one simple answer to this relative impoverishment.
This government, with scant regard for macro-economic realities, imposes a repressive business regime and high taxation, resulting in investment exodus, high unemployment and overall impoverishment.
Unfortunately, the "cultural strategies" of both the benefactors and the exploited groups produced by this sequence of events, led to further impoverishment.
Fear of impoverishment and of facing the rising costs of health care on fixed incomes fuels many of the battles the elderly wage over government spending in Charlotte County.
And so the world wonders how long a newly enfranchised people will continue to endure impoverishment at the hands of its elected leaders.
For our new electronic communities and digital subjectivities, whatever their local value and however subversive they might seem, are also part of an intensifying process of global polarization, segregation, and impoverishment.
This is why I have told all my ministers that when they think out loud this leads to horrible political conclusions," the PM said, adding he was ultimately responsible for the rule of the country and taxing everything would lead to a stronger budget, but also to impoverishment of Bulgarians.
The rich world and the impoverishment of education; diminishing democracy, equity and workers' rights.
Either way, fewer and fewer people outside of Cardiff now accept that the vast sums being spent in that city are ``for the good of Wales'' and will, I hope, be less ready to accept the impoverishment of their own areas and communities for the enrichment and the aggrandisement of our parasite capital.