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On modern iterations of the impracticably restrictive juridical approach to self- defense in international law, see Theresa Reinold, State Weakness, Irregular Warfare, and the Right to Self-Defense Post-9/11, 105 AM.
The increase in speed, in particular, opens the way for us to see things faster in 3D at the nanoscale, which has previously taken an impracticably long time," added Abbey.
Since the vast majority of the targets would be decoys, the former would offer an impracticably low probability of picking out the true warheads; the latter would exhaust the interceptor launch capacity at once.
261) The bill is facing substantial opposition from small-scale agricultural producers because of the provisions that extend regulation to farm production and a belief that the requirements would be impracticably burdensome on small-scale operators.
A prescient call in 1800 for the world to change from wood to methane would have been impracticably ahead of its time, as may be call today for an abrupt change from oil and gas to hydrogen.
These RFU rules are impracticably stringent with the club held liable for the ultimate whereabouts of tickets.