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Nonessential domestic travel to affected areas should be deferred if large areas of a country remain unaffected, but enforcing domestic travel restrictions is considered impractical in most cases.
It is impractical within that period for taxpayers to file a notice of objection that would be immutably correct in respect of "the particular elements" of each issue, relief, and amount.
All jockeys are very willing to make concessions, but the Jockey Club rulings are just impractical for the unrelenting schedule the majority
The Ninth Circuit remanded the case to the Tax Court either to make this determination or to decide that determining the premium is impractical or impossible.
The point I am making is that your idea is totally inflexible and impractical for manufacturers to even consider incorporating.
It is impractical for the multitude of contractors whose expertise supports the space shuttle program to maintain a constant physical presence at the Space Center.
and is ideal for inspecting or reverse engineering components that are impractical or impossible to move to a stationary CMM.
Ultimately many of Panton's designs, while inspired, are impractical to live with.
Fusion is commercializing FloSeal and Proceed for controlling bleeding in a variety of settings in which conventional means of achieving hemostasis--such as sutures, staples, topical hemostats, or fibrin glues-are impractical or generally do not work effectively.
Still, most power systems are quite elaborate and complex, and it would be impractical to expect someone in your position to commit a system design to memory (not to mention dangerous).
Second, economic conversion is impractical for many large defense firms.
An impractical, often escapist, attitude marked by aloof lack of concern with or interest in practical matters or urgent problems.