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a)Practical and proficient in every way b) Practically perfect in every way c) Impractically pleasant in every way By phone: Call 0901 229 2373 and follow the instructions By text: Text BM3 followed by a space and your answer, your name, house number and postcode to 84080.
Until now, quantum dors have been useable at impractically low temperatures, but the new dots work at room temperature.
Tyler and Howard (1991) reported that the representative nutrient status of a soil having banded fertiliser could be evaluated using a random sampling technique, although random sampling of a band (a non-random variable) would require an impractically high number of soil cores to accurately and precisely represent soil test P levels (Ashworth et al.
At the same time, in a world that assigns such a high premium to secrecy, deception, and surprise in its military engagements, the standard must not be set impractically high.
You'll be surprised at how soon you become accustomed to things that seem impractically difficult or time-consuming in the abstract.
McCormack added increasing its concentration, however, would make the gel impractically viscous.
The main aim of all MS trials might well be the prevention of the progressive course and the only thing preventing this from being the primary outcome is the impractically long latent period which defies maintaining randomization and blinding.
The method quickly solves a problem that could take impractically large computer resources and run time if every solution were examined in a brute-force approach.
Most bids come from a consortium of developers and an impractically low level of 5 per cent is difficult to avoid.
What one has, in actuality, is a rather substantial plate with an extremely small flat area and an impractically wide sloping surround, down which food tends to slide and which visually creates a worrying sense of imbalance.
But they are also concerned about impractically long chains of consequences.