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Having finished her imprecations to Richard, Margaret offers Buckingham a warning: "O Buckingham, beware of yonder dog.
Or failing all else, a smile and an imprecation to "Trust me".
No one has ousted Nawaz Shairf but it was will of Allah because imprecations of people were with him .
While you may be hopping about like an Apache doing a rain dance and yelling imprecations that would make a longshoreman blush, don't expect your hunting partner to bail you out by making the shot if the bird's flight brings it in their range.
Famous for his tantrums in rehearsal (breaking and flinging batons, shouting imprecations at musicians he found lazy or unprepared), he was unfailingly kind in person.
His own campaign of 'shock and awe' against the turgid state of Philippine politics has, so far, resulted in nearly 6,000 deaths from summary killings, unleashed by his harsh imprecations against drug addicts and pushers; as well as by-now-regular rambling perorations that end up disparaging the institutions that hold the republic together.
May can also be used to express volition, as in prayers, imprecations, or benedictions (may peace be upon them
Such post-prayer marches are usually used to scream imprecations against the Americans and Israelis.
Actualites Eecrit par Rachid Mountasar Une analyse presque furtive et meme superficielle, non du discours mais des imprecations incontrolees et des invectives populistes d'Abdelkader El Badaoui permet de relever au moins deux points fondamentaux qui semblent motiver (et trahir a la fois) le comportement verbal de cet enonciateur de [beaucoup moins que]marque[beaucoup plus grand que].
In a Yale University Press blog, Titley writes of the challenged he faced "getting a suitable idiom to mirror the talk of these dead--but very much alive people in their speech--and to give it in an English which matched, as far as possible, their manic energy, their hatred of one another, their wonderful bitchy and bastardy small-mindedness, their gutsy grumblings, their sly asides, their broad humor, their petty put-downs, their curses and imprecations, their poetic bad language, their grousing gossip.
Certainly his imprecations of our generally soft-bellied and soft-brained culture seem fair enough to me.
Le Thesaurus Latinae Linguae distingue essentiellement deux sens: d'une part, un sens strict, religieux ("fatal, sinistre, annoncant une calamite, de mauvais augure"), employe a propos des presages, des imprecations, des incantations, des execrations, ou applique aux divinites ou creatures funestes, surtout en rapport avec les Enfers (l'adjectif qualifie toute une serie de divinites effrayantes et negatives, Circe, la Necessite, Jupiter, Charon, Tisiphone, Gradivus, les Manes, les Parques, Cupidon, le Styx, Megere, les Furies) ; d'autre part, un sens plus large ("abominable, atroce, terrible"), dans lequel les notions de nuisance et de terreur prevalent.