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Imprecision and bias are the major contributors of MU for quantitative assays.
According to the National Cholesterol Education Program, for cholesterol the allowed bias is [+ or -] 3% and imprecision is [+ or -] 6%.
One hundred patients were modeled at each combination of bias and imprecision for 100 h with each treatment regimen.
The maximum bias in the expression is valid only in cases when the imprecision equals zero.
est]) for each result was calculated by linear interpolation from the intermediate imprecision QC data.
65 X imprecision (CV%)], TEa lines are superimposed on each graph to demonstrate the percentage of insulin dosing errors that occur for the 10%, 15%, and 20% TEa conditions.
When assay validation is done properly, modest increases in imprecision above 10% (up to 25% CV) inherently increase the 99th percentile value and thus protect against false-positive values (6).
It is confusing to present the 2 error sources, total imprecision, and random interferences as 1 combined error source, because these 2 error sources are quite different.
To use the 99th percentile irrespective of assay imprecision is an attractive suggestion because this would be simpler and less arbitrary than a 10% CV cutoff (which corresponds to a different cTnI concentration on every platform).
We previously showed that a change in the theoretical imprecision profile of a cardiac troponin assay (i.
To investigate the influence of assay imprecision on the likelihood of misclassifying healthy individuals or patients without myocardial injury, we simulated the distribution of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) results in a general population and added random analytical error reflecting different assay imprecision profiles.