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During the development process, which was carried out in conjunction with key industry partners in the POU and POE field, it was clear that the new SL-BPR range should maintain or exceed the performance characteristics of silver impregnated activated carbons already in the market.
The internal bonding strength of Vitex negundo reconstituted timber impregnated with phenolic resin was quantified using standard GBT 17657-2013 (Test Method for Physical & Chemical Properties of Wood Based Panels and Decorated Wood Based Panels).
He further gives a analysis and break up of major product categories, major countries and major Indian ports under Impregnated, Coated, Covered or Laminated Textile Fabrics, Textile products of a kind suitable for industrial use as follows :
Table 2 presents the results of combustibility tests of impregnated wood products and average times to ignition.
The impregnated and irradiated samples, whether or not they were immersed in antibrowning solutions, were compared to a fresh apple control throughout the storage period, which lasted a week at 4 C to 5 C.
I he machinable blanks are made from fine-grained, high strength, molded carbon-graphite that is fully impregnated with chemically resistant, thermal setting resin.
The rubber particles are impregnated with at least one polymerizable monomer and polymerized to impregnate the rubber particles with a polymer.
So, impregnated silver ions do not prevent the attachment or growth of either L.
Ripley killed herself in Alien 3 to save humanity after realising she had become impregnated with an alien queen.
The density of nerve cells and of silver-gold impregnated fibres were evaluated in the hippocampus and in the cerebellar cortex in adult (12-month-old) and old (24-month-old) Sprague-Dawley rats.
Members of the youth groups said that State Speaker, John Marik Makur, replied to their demands saying that the new customary law was amended by traditional chief's authority to reduce the high rate of impregnated school girls and underage girls.
These shortcomings prompted the development of gutta percha points impregnated with calcium hydroxide and tetracycline, which could be easily placed in the root canal, especially in the apical area.