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Biolack colorless topcoat can be used as a complement to Biocoat water-based impregnating agent as part of a fully bio-compatible coating cycle.
A key early supplier of SMC impregnating lines was Finn & Fram in San Bernadino, Calif.
As of Tuesday, several institutions, including Kinki University's Agriculture Department, have succeeded in impregnating cows using cloned embryos.
Polyester: The resin is introduced into the paper during an impregnating operation.
WACKER HC 303 gives manufacturers a reliable, long-lasting means of impregnating textiles.
Maker Mabor Marial December 23, 2010 -- Coming across a Sudan Tribune's last week article titled; Three young men sentenced to ten years in Sudan's Rumbek for impregnating girls, it was a big shock to find out that these young men are the latest victims of yet another failing legislature in Lakes State.
The new products include water-based uniform monocomponent colored impregnating agent IM216UC; water-based monocomponent colored impregnating agent IM121SC; and water-based extra-coverage monocomponent transparent matte topcoat LA321IEC.
The line runs at 3 to 6 m/min for impregnating glass mat or felt and at up to 40 m/rain for light tissues.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Director Spike Lee tells Newsweek's David Ansen that he held several screenings of his latest movie "She Hate Me," which has a story line about a man who makes money impregnating lesbians, for lesbian audiences.
A former religion and morality teacher at a Catholic high school was sentenced Friday to five years in prison for impregnating a student.