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Luebke RJ (1984) Sectional impression tray for patient with constricted oral opening.
Selection of impression tray : The first step in dual arch impression technique is critical and consists of selection of tray that fits passively and does not impinge on any of the teeth or on any anatomical structure of the typodont jaw.
The impression tray is filled automatically, directly from the mixing unit, making it much easier to fill the tray and less likely that air bubbles would become trapped in the material in the tray (Photo 3).
Sectional custom impression tray technique has been documented more than 40 years ago but is mostly reserved for immediate denture cases in which both the impression trays are custom made.
The most commonly used impression trays were complete arch tray which are used by specialists (78%) and general dental practitioners (88%).
2a, 2b, 2c]] A full-coverage mucostatic mandibular impression was made by using stock impression trays and irreversible hydrocolloid (Tropicalgin, Zhermack, Italy), which was poured with type 3 dental stone (Denstone, Zhermack, Italy).
Two impression trays were fabricated using cold cure acrylic resin (DPI-RR Cold Cure, Dental Products India; Mumbai, India) for the CIT (Figure 1(a)) and TLIT (Figure 1(b)).
25" to its Sure-Check Sterilization Pouch line, ideal for bur blocks and impression trays.
Skills evaluated include mixing glass ionomer, mixing zinc-oxide eugenol, applying/removing rubber dams, pit and fissure sealants, amalgam finishing/polishing, alginate impressions, trimming/finishing study models, custom impression trays, elastomeric impressions, constructing bleaching trays, debonding orthodontic resins, placing/removing periodontal dressings, removing sutures, and constructing temporary crowns.
At APM, about 20 percent of incoming batches must be sifted, as they arrive mixed with large pieces of paper towel shreds, straw from brooms, paper clips, plaster pieces and plastics from impression trays.
11 Custom impression trays may be designed using chemical-activated resins or light-activated resins.