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4) [margin] Extraordinarie paymentes paid to George Hearne Painter for the painting of the frame & other thinges about her ma[tes] maske as appeareth by his bill of the particulers therof entituled the painters Bill signed by the said George Hearne amounting to the some of Lxxiij[li] & heere allowed & paid as heareafter followeth viz to the said George Hearne by waie of imprest by warrant from the Lo: Sidney & william ffouler esquire dated the xxxth of Decembre 1603 x[li] And to thabove named James Kirton gent as parcell of the said Some of ccxliij[li] xvj[s] ij[d] by him Rec by ver-tue of the warrant above mencioned Lxiij[li] In all as appeareth by the said warrantes & theire acq[tes] called in and remaining as aforesaid Lxxiij[li]
Recommendation: The Finance Officer at the Commission's European Regional Office should take action to ensure that all imprest cash is counted at least annually in accordance with the Commission's Imprest Fund Handbook.
This very sentiment is repeated again in Herbert's "Affliction II" where he reverses Southwell's notion that Christ was "untouched of presse": "Thy crosse took up in one, / By way of imprest, all my future mone" (14-15).
machine with its new Imprest in-mold painting technology (developed with Sherwin-Williams) will arrive next spring for a large, non-automotive application.
The scam was detected by "a sample control of the delegation's accountancy", which had "suggested the possibility that a staff member could have embezzled considerable amounts of money from the delegation's imprest accounts".
Updates and consolidates text on the use of imprest funds and third-party drafts; deletes unnecessary cross-references; and relocates to the PGI (Procedures, Guidance, and Information) Web site at <http://www.
If the ekphrastic moment humbles the imperious reader, it also proceeds to complicate the experience as it exposes its own inadequacies, with the text developing the allusion to Avvaiyar in the next four quatrains: "A woman's triumph mid them is imprest / One who upon the scroll / Flung the creative soul / Disdainful of life's flowers and of its rest" (p.
Ube's Imprest in-mold painting process combines a specially designed mold with the accuracy of the company's Ultima all-electric injection machine to give exterior automotive parts a Class-A finish.
The calling rate of 19 cents per minute applies only to calls made using the AAFES 550 Global PrePaid card purchased directly by military personnel at their OEF/OIF AAFES-BX/PX, TFE or Imprest Fund site, not to AAFES cards purchased online by consumers.
Drouin--Use of Rental and Government Automobiles, Travel Expenses, Imprest Fund Charges, B-216016, 1987 U.
The cash and cash equivalents approach starts with total cash and cash equivalents, subtracts imprest cash, liabilities, reserves, and designations, and adds balances due from other funds.
District auditors conducted reviews of two accounts - the Student Body Account and the Imprest Account.