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In the darkness he could not see whether there were the imprints of other sandals than Tara's--only that the dust was disturbed--and when it led him into gloomy corridors he lost the trail altogether.
Newcastle-based law firm Watson Burton LLP advised Imprint Group shareholders on the disposal of their majority stake for an undisclosed sum.
GfK's new model proves that strong emotional imprints lead to significantly lower rates of customer churn and more positive word-of-mouth.
According to the research, the polymerization of pyrrole in addition to the molecules of ascorbic acid imprint on SBA-15 silica bed enabled the synthesis of molecular imprint polymer in an aqueous media.
Hau and colleagues overcame this problem by sequestering the matter imprint from the rest of the atoms in the cloud.
This is our second-generation nanopatterning system for the HDD market, and it is demonstrating our ability to extend our core Step and Flash(R) Imprint Lithography technology to enable our customers to continue meeting their patterned media roadmaps.
info, Square Peg will publish three titles in 2008 and eight titles per year thereafter, alongside the CCV imprint Yellow Jersey.
In 1984, after a bitter rivalry that included several lawsuits, Harlequin acquired Simon & Schuster's Silhouette imprint.
If HarperCollins had not in 2001 launched Rayo, the country's first English/Spanish-language Latino imprint, or division, at a major publishing house, I'm not sure it would have been so easy.
Then there was Fronte (Forehead), 1997, with the same creased forehead, from which dirtied tape had been peeled away to make an imprint, through which light had been shone, turning imprint into screen projection, growing it to the size of the wall, and transforming the negative of the skin crease into the positive of the line and back again into the negative of the light-traced space, emerging between the trails of the drawing hand.
Use this painted leaf ms an imprint and transfer its image to paper.
NewsRx, with imprints, now publishes 100 titles, all weeklies except for one quarterly.