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The new PROSPER Imprinting System will help us take multiple steps out of the process and, ultimately, deliver faster, more effective communications.
To account for differences in genomic imprinting expression, we examined repetitive elements of molecular components.
Carstens' custom imprinting is available on both its side- and top-opening ring binders, which come in 19 colors.
Chromatographic analysis of the MIPs in organic solvents showed a clear imprinting effect for all the polymer systems tested, together with specificity for the lactam antibiotics.
Imprinting by either mold or cast can occur at any time and needs no author (posthumous casting by foundry workers is commonplace in the history of sculpture).
7 Discrimination of Analytes with Fluorescent Molecular Imprinting Sensor Arrays
Tomohiro Kono of Tokyo University and his colleagues devised a way to overcome the imprinting barrier and used the technique to produce a fatherless rodent.
We also encourage research into epigenetic mechanisms crucial in embryonic development, such as the establishment and maintenance of imprinting patterns, the role of methylation in gametogenesis, the implications of imprinting for assisted reproductive technologies, and the reproductive determinants and consequences of X-inactivation (or the escape from X-inactivation).
With this new offer announced today, imprinting will be done right on the camera's inner carton.
Developing and manufacturing advanced patterned and discrete track media involves imprinting or "patterning" high-density disk substrates that require sub-25-nanometer features with terabits per square inch densities and beyond.
That feat relies on a method of temporarily imprinting the quantum essence of a pulse by changing certain characteristics of atoms (SN: 2/9/02, p.