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Here he found the dust upon the floor disturbed, and the imprint of sandals.
The latter, uneasy at his master's prolonged absence, had set out after him, easily tracing him by the clear imprint of his feet in the sand, and had found him lying in a swoon.
Everything from the table napkins to the silver, china, and glass bore that imprint of newness found in the households of the newly married.
A violent contraction of the lunar crust, while cooling, might suffice to imprint this gigantic star.
Active Imprints of Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, will be attending the largest promotional products exposition on the east coast.
GfK's new model proves that strong emotional imprints lead to significantly lower rates of customer churn and more positive word-of-mouth.
Matter imprints of stored light could be manipulated in the atomic cloud to produce quantum messages, which could then be sent out in the form of light.
As the newest nanopatterning system from Molecular Imprints engineered specifically for the HDD market, the Imprio HD2200 delivers a high throughput of double-sided disks and superior precision pattern fidelity-making it the world's most advanced nanopatterning system for patterned media applications.
The cavities are highly specific towards the molecule that imprints the polymer, making molecularly imprinted materials suitable for use in isomer separations, catalysis, biosensor assays or in controlled drug delivery (Rechichi et al.
The second phase of Harlequin's double-barreled seduction of African American readers was the company's November 2005 purchase of BET Books, the publishing arm of Black Entertainment Television that includes the Arabesque, New Spirit and Sepia imprints.
The rise of black and Latino imprints have meant, at the least, a lot more opportunity for people of color to get their books out there, with the bonus of a modest to sometimes large advance.
The sale of the two imprints was made pursuant to the Millbrook Press, Inc.