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Nothing in our nation's history, laws, or Constitution permits the government to imprison an individual without proving that he has broken the law, and no contingency in the so-called war on terrorism can justify abandoning that principle.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The incarceration of frail elders, who represent the smallest threat to public safety but the largest cost to imprison, embodies failed public policy that California lawmakers must re-examine, according to a new report released today by Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, a Bay Area advocacy group for the rights of the incarcerated.
State Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, held a hearing this month to try to determine how much it costs California taxpayers to imprison - and supervise once paroled - all foreign nationals, particularly those here illegally.
The new law would fine and imprison hundreds of reputable, hard-working small business owners in Georgia and force hundreds of thousands of consumers to seek financial relief from unscrupulous operators in an underground market of disguised payday loan-type products.
An Israeli court ruled to imprison the speaker of Palestinian parliament along with a number of deputies and ministers from the Change and Reform bloc of the Hamas movement.