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This coincidence, between the Golden Country of his dream and the real setting of the actual sexual encounter, in which Julia behaves like the dream-girl, is the most egregious of the improbabilities that challenge realistic credibility.
It would be extremely hazardous to place implicit reliance upon such testimonies of ( prosecution witnesses) suffering from material contradiction, severe infirmities and inherent improbabilities going to the root of the matter to check and shake basic version and core of the prosecution case," the court said, acquitting all accused on the ' benefit of doubt.
Despite its many improbabilities, "The Interpreter" is a superior thriller with marvelous cinematography by Darius Khondji.
A Raisin in the Sun and Other Theatrical Improbabilities (New York, Limelight Editions, 2001).
And if you can't trust a churchman to avoid spoiling a story that already has enough improbabilities to compete with Harry Potter, who can you trust?
For a while, "Snakeskin" excites, but eventually the relentless four-letter dialogue and the increasing improbabilities numb the interest.
Doug Williams' story, had it been a made-for-TV movie, would have been a sports-marketing agency's dream: its plot was full of improbabilities.
Among the many inanities, gaffes and improbabilities, we have Sheen barely limping after a fall from a window cleaner's cradle that should have been fatal, assassins who've forgotten how to shoot, and the most complicated method of assassination ever dreamt up.
The accommodations Massinger has urged are finally only possible through 'miraculous charitable reintegration' (247), and thus through the improbabilities of tragicomic plotting.
There are, of course, bright spots: David Foster Wallace with a story of a failed father drunkenly advising his son; Curtis White's effort to understand his father through a forty-one-part commentary on Combat, one of the old man's favorite TV shows; Jonathan Baumbach's pillaging of hard-boiled improbabilities (mistaken identities, hairsbreadth escapes, etc.
But, Florence and her film are able to survive its improbabilities and shortcomings, and the movie ends up as a serio-comic gem!