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AS THE trial against Sajjan Kumar in the 1984 anti- Sikh riots case nears its end, a sessions court on Thursday acquitted 11 accused in a separate case involving the riots because of exaggeration and improbabilities in the evidence.
That removal helps obscure the improbabilities of such a story.
But the sheriff acquitted Altberg of both charges and said: "The witnesses' evidence was riddled with inconsistencies and improbabilities.
If you believe someone is capable of plunging into all manner of extremes to save the one they adore, you will go with the flow and ignore any plot improbabilities in this thriller that's really about the power of love.
One notable point is the physiological and biological improbabilities associated with the ability of zombies to exist and survive, but as with all science fiction, some bending of reality is to be expected.
Deception coasts along on a wave of improbabilities and slow motion sex scenes, without any injections of pace.
Surely, if all of the ages listed in Table 2 of my Numbers article are statistically random numbers, as should be expected for real ages, such numerical improbabilities would not exist.
Deception coasts along on a wave of improbabilities, without any injections of pace or stylistic flair from first-time feature director Langenegger to divert attention from the gaping plot holes.
In spite of plot improbabilities and anachronistic opinions held by various characters, this tale is an interesting look at a time when girls were confined by law and marketed like cattle.
is but one of the movie's many head-scratching improbabilities.
Despite its many improbabilities, "The Interpreter" recalls the career of Robert Mugabe and the recent history of Zimbabwe.
The Winter's Tale is so filled with improbabilities - living statues, preposterous disguises, belief in Oracles - that time not only passes but needs to be seen passing.