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The subject on which he includes a long digression near the beginning of the book, 'Labor improbus omnia vincit' ('There is nothing so hie, so sharpe, so rigorous, so difficile, which with diligent study thou mayst not obtaine' (sig.
155: "usqueadeo ut plumbeus quispiam et cui non plus ingenii sit quam stipiti nec minus etiam improbus quam stultus, multos tamen et sapientes et bonos viros in servitute habeat, ob id dumtaxat quod ei magnus contigit aureorum numismatum cumulus.
But in the Walther repertory of sententiae there is a small allowance made for the virtue of constancy: `Arbor non primo, sed sepe cadit feriendo' 1251, which, in the context of medieval artes amandi, can be associated with the Pamphilus's famous line 71: `labor improbus omnia vincit.