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IMPROPRIATION, eccl. law. The act, of employing the revenues of a church living to one's own use; it is also a parsonage or ecclesiastical living in the hands of a layman, or which descends by inheritance. Tech. Dict. h.t.

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This chapter continues with a brief biography of Bramhall and a description of his and Wentworth's efforts to restore impropriations and church property through high-profile prosecutions.
In the late 1620s William Laud communicated with James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh and effective primate of Ireland, about recovering Irish impropriations.
94) Such extortions are linked with offerings at the Hebrew temple at Jerusalem: "For not only was her Corban to be satisfied with the product of such oblations, but lands were to be set apart and sequestred, the revenue of which past first through her fingers, and were made Impropriations of her own.