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Simonian said he had simply reported "an appearance of impropriety.
Mr Bird said: "I am very glad that the party has investigated and dismissed the allegations of sexual harassment and any impropriety regarding the selection of Ms Bolter as a candidate.
The spokesman added: "The party has acted swiftly and decisively and will not tolerate impropriety of any kind amongst its staff.
In our dealings with (and on behalf of) our clients, we must certainly avoid impropriety, but we must also avoid situations that present the risk of impropriety.
The production, put on by Impropriety, saw 35 performers acting impromptu without any rehearsal or script.
FAR provisions covering the government-contractor relationship set out the general rule that appearances of impropriety, in the form of conflicts of interests, must be avoided, and company ethics codes typically warn about appearances of improper conduct.
In the intervening years, Ramone did a stint in Internal Affairs and had to bust his onetime partner, Dan "Doc" Holiday, for impropriety.
Waterloo, ON -- Professor Donald De Marco points out that the two most urgent moral problems on college campuses today are, as it has been for many years, sexual impropriety and alcohol abuse.
He told the Metropolitan Police Authority that if impropriety had taken place, those responsible should be "brought to book".
District Court for the Southern District of New York and the Superior Court in Mecklenburg County, NC, were filed at the instance of the liquidators of the Cayman companies who are trying to reclaim the losses they suffered as a result of financial impropriety relating to the Italian food and milk processing giant, prior to its collapse in 2003.
Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation entertainment media director Damon Romine said that while it's nice to know the gays are watching for impropriety, none was present in this case.