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Specifically, unless a school-by-school, district-by-district, and state-by-state comparison of individual SLD student eligibility files were undertaken, the conclusion that some districts and states are more rigorous than others is without foundation and will remain improvable.
But such a requirement for recertification will encourage careful board-certified physiatrists to damage various components of their practice so as to have easily improvable criteria while the specialty-board reviewers are watching.
The parliament obligated the Education Ministry to try the improvable curriculums and to evaluate them before circulating them over the country's schools.
Learning strategies are seen as triggers of individual, improvable and possible information processing skeleton.
Here is an example from Chase Bank that has some good and some improvable points.
It was decided that there would be mutual pay visits and exchanging ideas about the cooperation based on the improvable development between the two countries in the region of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers.
In their case notes, another Richard Young might have flicked his foppish hair, swirled by the slow wreath of his cigarette smoke, and not be thought improvable by a thrashing.
I do not support or believe the city should ask the public to give us more money for affordable housing until we fix everything that's fixable and improve everything that's improvable," Chick said.
As Canby explained in 1982, "the film could not be more timely," because of "the continuation of what might be called nuclear-war optimist today--the improvable assumption that nuclear wars can be fought on a limited scale without making the planet uninhabitable.
14) and the admission that her 'suggestions are as yet improvable and will be criticized for that reason alone' (p.
was how a novelist thought: things were infinitely mutable and improvable, revisable, renewable" (170).
It is imperative for the reader to understand his or her own beliefs in light of the terminology used in the text because ethical arguments begin with an arbitrary and improvable assumption about rightness and wrongness, good (things that are intrinsically valuable and valued for their own sake), and social utility (p.