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Family formation, perhaps the ultimate personal leap of faith, looks to be another victim of this imprudent hesitation.
Although Philip's lasting epithet "the Prudent" remains, Parker believes imprudent decisions motivated by messianic imperialism or "the belief that he was invincible while doing what he perceived to be God's work" led to unrealistic initiatives (365).
The study demonstrated imprudent behavior most often came from passengers who were male, were less seasoned fliers and scored themselves higher on self-centeredness.
In light of the continuing duty to monitor investments and remove imprudent ones, so long as the alleged breach of the continuing duty occurs within six years of suit, a plaintiff may allege that a fiduciary breached the duty of prudence by failing to properly monitor investments and remove imprudent ones.
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the plaintiffs' so-called "continuing violation" theory under which the continued offering of an imprudent plan investment option can constitute the commission of a second breach that occurs within the six-year limitations period.
Based on this "continuing duty" theory, the department asserts that the six-year statute of limitations begins to run only once an imprudent investment option is eliminated from a plan.
While I contemplated spending the rest of the hunt and more as the unwilling guest of the RCMP because the imprudent driving counts had piled up to the point where jail time was inevitable, the other old dog, Cal, was busy fetching birds for TOG.
The three principles in this guidance are "incentive compensation should balance risk and reward and not encourage imprudent risk taking; risk management processes and internal controls should reinforce the support, development and maintenance of balanced incentive compensation arrangements; and incentive compensation programs should be supported by strong corporate governance.
Imprudent Miss, unlike some of her rivals, has no problem with tonight's trip - she was beaten a short head over course and distance last year.
Such an inconsistent and imprudent handling of this serious matter that has human and moral dimensions is unfortunate.
Talking to journalists, over an Iftar party at his residential Kangri House, he said that he was not aware about the decisions of President Asif Ali Zardari being prudent or imprudent.
London's Bishop Ron Fabbro thought "the choice was imprudent .