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Del Global has chosen to impugn the character, integrity and reputation of Steel Partners in order to distract stockholders from focusing on the real issues at hand.
No need to yell crude things about the umpires, to drag their families into this or to impugn the dignity of innocent farm animals.
He did not jump up and down; he did not impugn Reich's education; he did not shout 'Evidence
For the effects he achieves, it is unnecessary for him to impugn Christian theism.
They valiantly defend their profession, and angrily react to any force trying to impugn their motives or restrict their treatments.
I agonized over asking my audience about these displays since I did not wish to impugn the efforts of teachers or kids, but I was compelled to bring it up.
This perspective is not offered to impugn the dental delivery system.
To avoid any furthermisinterpretation, please allow me to state that I did not impugn the sincerity of any individual councillor or the electorate.
Seeking to impugn the patriotism of those who challenged VMI's mandated supper prayer, Jones declared that "liberal organizations" are attempting to "take away the very freedoms that these students are willing to go to war to protect.
It would be wrong to suggest that the scandals impugn the character of millions of devoted Catholics.
However, the transracial solidarity among women that the Hagar trope effects is only temporary, since most of these authors, according to Gabler-Hover, only "dream" of a black Hagar as long as it suits their purposes, and swiftly re-race her in order to impugn black femininity.
They impugn the power of international bodies such as the IMF, World Bank, and WTO, which in their view subject nations to draconian austerity measures and burdensome debt that cripple their economies and con tribute to world financial crises.