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Hopefully, the members would realize that our role is not to impugn but get the factual circumstances that will really give us good basis whether she should be removed from office.
Trevor Fisher (Letters, May 2005) impugns the impeccable scholarship of David Starkey in comparison with his choice of historians, most of whom (however scholarly) wrote history refracted by an ideological lens.
In my view, the proposal unjustifiably impugns the integrity of tax executives and threatens to turn tax audits into even bigger battlegrounds (as the IRS scrutinizes and possibly imposes penalties in respect of the attestation rather than the underlying transaction).
but Kathy Strickland of Ark-La Outdoors swears it's true, and she'll slap the stuffing out of anybody who impugns her veracity.
Boswell further impugns Garcia's integrity by suggesting that subconsciously, he may have been influenced by the Alomar spitting incident.