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Before, it had seemed impulsive, a mere spontaneous evidence of friendship.
Nature hates calculators; her methods are saltatory and impulsive.
Her letter was touching, and Philip thought he saw marks of her tears on the paper; he wrote an impulsive reply saying that he was dreadfully sorry and imploring her to come; but it was with relief that he received her answer in which she said that she found it would be impossible for her to get away.
If he had anticipated impatient questions, or impulsive confidences, he was soon undeceived.
For a moment we caught a glimpse of the natural man, impulsive, ardent, keenly sensitive.
I know I shall always be my daughters' first confidante, and that if Nicholas, with his impulsive nature, does get into mischief (a boy can't help it), he will all the same never be like those Petersburg young men.
She had the quick, impulsive movements of her mother, the lips parting often to speak, and closing again; and the dark oval eyes of her father brimming with light upon a basis of sadness, or, since she was too young to have acquired a sorrowful point of view, one might say that the basis was not sadness so much as a spirit given to contemplation and self-control.
Cadwallader's painfully graphic report of gossip-- her effort, nay, her strongest impulsive prompting, had been towards the vindication of Will from any sullying surmises; and when, in her meeting with him afterwards, she had at first interpreted his words as a probable allusion to a feeling towards Mrs.
Steele is, perhaps, the most impulsive writer of the school [12] to which he belongs; he abounds in felicities of impulse.
Perhaps, when good-bye came she was weeping because all the pretty things were said and done with, or she was making doleful confessions about herself, so impulsive and generous and confidential, and so devoid of humour, that they compelled even a tragic swain to laugh.
It was not of Aline Gardner's condescending congratulations, or Dorothy's ardent, impulsive good wishes.
You're just a little impulsive, dear, at times, although you seem so thoughtful," Lady Conyers continued.