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The present investigation, involving the simultaneous effects of heat and mass transfer, is concerned with a numerical study of transient free convection MHD flow past an impulsively started semi-infinite vertical plate which is subject to uniform heat flux and diffusion of a chemically reactive species.
Despite many investigators' assumption that psychopathic criminals lack self-control and often act impulsively, most of the psychopathic Canadian killers had planned the ruthless, cold-blooded murders that they had committed.
Sophie, who is then on the third floor, impulsively shoves a stack of the leaflets, which she had earlier left on the balcony, over the edge into the atrium, where they float down amongst the students.
A good hosing from a maintenance man or a downpour from Mother Nature quickly obliterates whatever the message, be it carefully crafted or impulsively inscribed.
Keita's advice to young children is to reflect before they act, 'If you think impulsively with the heart you may afterwards think with the head and feel regret.
There is a sense of familiarity, you impulsively know how to act, and the possibility of exploring, finding new bargains is insatiable.
But my anger got the better of me, and I impulsively snorted the huge line they offered in the hope of quieting me.
Most kitchen knives are shaped like daggers and, given their ubiquitousness, come easily to hand when someone impulsively reaches for a weapon.
Defense lawyer Hugh Duvall had argued that Morris did not form the mental intent to seriously injury Blidi, but acted impulsively.
For example, tenets of how to give unselfishly and for universal benefit are discussed--one such tenet cautions against storing unneeded goods rather than freely giving them, as the guilt to disburse the goods will eventually cause one to impulsively give to those who may not be in need, rather than see that the goods are given to those who need them most.
Offstage, he was a complex construction of contrasts: elegant and coarse, loquacious in his praise and verbally assaultive, outrageously self-centered and impulsively generous, violently explosive and tenderhearted.