in attendance

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Jupe, I have made up my mind to take you into my house; and, when you are not in attendance at the school, to employ you about Mrs.
So please ye,'' said the squire, who was still in attendance, ``I think old Urfried has them somewhere in keeping, for love of the confessor.
They were a young woman and a little girl: the former, so far as one could judge by appearances, was a nursemaid, or possibly a nursery-governess, in attendance on the child, whose refined face, even more than her dress, distinguished her as of a higher class than her companion.
Even Josie Pye attained a certain preeminence as the sharpest- tongued young lady in attendance at Queen's.
The doctor in attendance refused to answer for his life.
Giles, dressed with scrupulous care in a full suit of black, was in attendance upon them.
To date, EventNook has served more than 3000 events, both local and regional, including the Singapore Yacht Show which saw more than 20,000 in attendance, National Productivity Month and Musicity.
The team in attendance represented Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Asia, Latin America, Western Europe and Spain.
Bearded men, women clad in full-face veils, as well as children were among those in attendance of Sunday's protests.
Others in attendance at the Academy in Rushden have been Ken Doherty, Joe Swail and James Wattana.