in close proximity

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Accustomed to frequent arguments in which more hair than blood is wasted, the apes speedily forget such trivial encounters, and presently Chulk and Taglat were again squatting in close proximity to each other and peaceful repose, awaiting the moment when the ape-man should lead them into the village of the Tarmangani.
It so happened that there was no one at the moment on Tate Hill Pier, as all those whose houses are in close proximity were either in bed or were out on the heights above.
So soon as the big fleet engagements were over, the Asiatics endeavoured to establish in close proximity to the more vulnerable points of the countries against which they were acting, fortified centres from which flying-machine raids could be made.
With your left hand you caressed him and kept him off, while your right, holding the parchment, was permitted to fall listlessly between your knees, and in close proximity to the fire.
It is 15 minutes to Port Newark/Elizabeth and in close proximity to Route 24,1-78, the Garden State Parkway, and New Jersey Turnpike.
Carter, Sisco, Brown, Brickham, and Al-Khabbaz (2008) noted that secondary students with developmental disabilities were more academically engaged when an adult was in close proximity (i.
LOT 1: For Chisinau: Training venue, accommodation, and catering will be organized in close proximity (walking distance) to the Central Elections Commission, 119 Alecsandri Street.
On the surface it looks like vandalism, but the problem is the volume of fires, and some of these have been in close proximity to buildings.
The incidents have all happened in close proximity and we believe they're linked at this stage.
Computed tomography demonstrated a soft-tissue lesion in close proximity to the mastoid segment of the facial nerve.
Close air support, in which air assets are firing in close proximity to friendly troops, and deep air support further behind enemy lines are also on the Cobra's mission profile.
In the 1390s for instance, many Florentine highland communities paid as much as twenty-nine times more in taxes than did peasant villages in close proximity to the city of Florence.