in conformity

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Thus I ate poee-poee as they did; I walked about in a garb striking for its simplicity; and I reposed on a community of couches; besides doing many other things in conformity with their peculiar habits; but the farthest I ever went in the way of conformity, was on several occasions to regale myself with raw fish.
I had almost forgotten the most important point--which is that I should like you to go and tell Madame Chiffon that I wish the blond lace to be changed in conformity with yesterday's patterns, if she will be good enough to bring with her a new assortment.
It was therefore necessary to leave it to the discretion of the legislature to vary its provisions in conformity to the variations in circumstances, yet under such restrictions as to put it out of the power of that body to change the condition of the individual for the worse.
They are at least not part of the polemic which their author sustained in the essays following them in this volume, and which might have been called, in conformity with 'My Literary Passions', by the title of 'My Literary Opinions' better than by the vague name which they actually wear.
Moreover, let the people be free, and they will do nothing but in conformity to the law, except only in those cases which the law cannot speak to.
They were Agnes la Herme, Jehanne de la Tarme, Henriette la Gaultière, Gauchère la Violette, all four widows, all four dames of the Chapel Etienne Haudry, who had quitted their house with the permission of their mistress, and in conformity with the statutes of Pierre d'Ailly, in order to come and hear the sermon.
Reacting to the announcement by the authorities of a month-long national state of emergency, the High Commissioner stressed that it should be implemented in conformity with Egypt's obligations under international law.
However, although compelling evidence for cross-cultural differences in conformity has been provided by Bond and Smith (1996) in their meta-analysis as well as by other researchers (e.
Article 20 says all citizens, both men and women, should equally enjoy the protection of the law and all rights, in conformity with Islamic criteria.
Muscat, Aug 31 (ONA) Activities of the specialized course in the field of accreditation themed "Approved Programme for Preparing Accreditation Specialist in Conformity Evaluation Institutions," will begin tomorrow (Saturday).
Manama-July14 (BNA)The business community today backed plans to demarcate areas for rallies and marches to be held in conformity with the law.
Islamabad -- Secretary Information Pakistan Muslim League and Member National Assembly Kashmala Tariq while opposing Atia Inayatullah Bill on Reproductive Health said it is not in conformity with Islamic laws.