in due form

See: pro forma
References in classic literature ?
Athos immediately began and offered in due form the hand of the Princess Henrietta Stuart to the young prince, the king's brother.
Go round tomorrow morning, make an offer in due form, and God bless you.
I cannot venture on asking the question--I can only make my excuses in due form.
informing me that our emissary had started on his voyage) returned a receipt in due form, and the whole of the surplus money, to the last farthing!
Messrs Codlin and Short, after looking at each other with considerable doubt and indecision, at length sat down--each on the extreme edge of the chair pointed out to him--and held their hats very tight, while the single gentleman filled a couple of glasses from a bottle on the table beside him, and presented them in due form.
He inhaled the sacred smoke, gave a puff upward to the heaven, then downward to the earth, then towards the east; after this it was as usual passed from mouth to mouth, each holding it respectfully until his neighbor had taken several whiffs; and now the grand council was considered as opened in due form.
However, there was no other way; so with such show of cheerfulness as they could muster they called for the pipe and took their whiff as it passed, in due form.
Then they went up to make their request in due form, to the great delight of gentle Aunt Peace, who got quite excited with the fun that went on while they would yarn, looked up darning needles, and fitted out a nice little mending basket for her pupil.
He related very distinctly and, for the man, with amazing terseness, the suspicion against the hunter, the complaint, the issuing of the warrant, and the swearing in of Kirby; all of which, he affirmed, were done in due form of law.
He is coming again at two o'clock -- no doubt to make his proposals in due form.
The certificate of his birth was easily got--he was born abroad, and the certificate was there in due form.
As he will be one of our own little household, wherever we live, or whatever fortune is in reserve for us,' thought Nicholas, 'I must present the poor fellow in due form.