in equilibrium

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1) With quadratic costs, the differentiation result is reversed: firms maximally differentiate in equilibrium.
The pendulum analogy is incomplete, for there is no sense in which the pendulum is "better off" in equilibrium.
The state of the considered reaction is in a so-called partial equilibrium when the reaction couples are in equilibrium.
Since the defendant pursues a mixed strategy in equilibrium, the plaintiff's offer must make him indifferent between acceptance and rejection.
Manganese and sulfur, when dissolved as a solution in liquid iron at a particular temperature, are in equilibrium with manganese sulfide as follows (equation 1):
Of course, a positive profit could not persist in equilibrium, but why not an equilibrium pooling contract at ([[alpha].
Meen (2002) suggests that a high income elasticity of house prices in the UK should not be interpreted as causing a stronger trend in equilibrium house prices than in other countries.
Therefore, all studied metal concentrations (and COD) were in equilibrium after two or three partially closed cycles of bleaching.
The superior relative performance is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, as supply and demand for commercial real estate space remains in equilibrium.
Multiple equilibriums may be the unintended consequence of two modelling assumptions: that fundamentals are commonly known, and that economic agents know others' actions in equilibrium.
Because of short-run frictions, the labor market is often not in equilibrium.
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