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169) See Unger supra note 77, at 22 ("[T]he plaintiff expressly reserves the right to pursue claims against an excess insurer for damages in excess of the primary insurance coverage limit.
17) A Florida court has summarized this view concisely: "Where liability is clear, and injuries so serious that a judgment in excess of the policy limits is likely, an insurer has an affirmative duty to initiate settlement negotiations.
The insured should be advised in writing of the potential for a verdict in excess of policy limits.
When the underlying cases settled for an amount in excess of the combined limits of both primary policies, the excess insurer demanded that the primary insurer contribute the limits of both policies.
On the basis of actuarial calculations, the taxpayer contributed more than $35 million to fund the postretirement medical and death benefits for 1986 and in excess of $40 million for 1987.
They also provide that benefits accruing or allocations made for plan years after the effective date must not take into account compensation in excess of the Sec.
Exposure was in excess of $1 million and possibly as high as $2 million, with a 20-30 percent chance of a defense verdict.
Pro forma interest coverage is expected to remain solid in excess of 8 times (x) following the transaction.
The Ship propelled by three powerful 'Water Jets' can achieve speed in excess of 35 knots.