in fact

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In fact, people's houses are, as a rule, quite charming nowadays.
In fact, when they want to throw mud they have not to stoop at all.
In fact, it does not come to man with any claims upon him at all.
Or a man is called selfish if he lives in the manner that seems to him most suitable for the full realisation of his own personality; if, in fact, the primary aim of his life is self-development.
They painted many religious pictures - in fact, they painted far too many, and the monotony of type and motive is wearisome, and was bad for art.
I have a suggestion that would aid his approval rating and show that he's not in fact all oil: build one at the Crawford Ranch.
In fact, digital systems are recommended because of its proven ability to help recognize and capture threats in record time.
122) In fact, both the then-director of the FBI and the regional counsel of the INS, testified to Congress that the sole basis of the government's efforts to deport the LA-8 was their political affiliations.
In fact, the revenue will allow INS to improve service and expand infrastructure to the benefit of all our customers.
But, in fact, some operators may not have funded their start-up project adequately, while others may not have properly allocated and deployed available cash that was provided in their initial capital budget.
In fact, most of the reputed political fun of the sixties was the same kind of "fun" no doubt experienced by activists in the thirties or teens: The thrill of solidarity, of marching and chanting together, of being caught up in a great transcendent cause, "larger than ourselves.