in hysterics

See: disordered
References in classic literature ?
Ferrars is told of it, for she was sent for as soon as ever my cousins left the house, for your sister was sure SHE would be in hysterics too; and so she may, for what I care.
You're in the plot--you made him marry, thinking that I'd leave my money from him-- you did, Martha," the poor old lady screamed in hysteric sentences.
Kellie of Long Eaton, Notts, said: "She was in hysterics and crying her eyes out.
My mother was making the taxi driver laugh with her comments and I was in hysterics and had not realised my purse had slipped from my coat pocket.
As soon as the DJ spun Candy by Cameo, Crouch, 30, dragged Jermaine Pennant and John Carew on to the dance floor to do the electric slide line dance, robot moves which had revellers, including Chelsea Ashley Cole and John Terry watching on from their in VIP, in hysterics.
Ashley Cole and John Terry from rival club Chelsea watched on from their VIP corner, in hysterics.
The comedian had me and 20 people in hysterics while trying to have a wee.
The workmen were all in hysterics at the antics of this 18ct plonker who was still very much wet behind the ears.
Pete Versus Life Channel 4, 10pm Funnier than a YouTube montage of footballers' being hit in the groin, this homegrown comedy will make you roll around your living room floor in hysterics.
Summary: Britain's Got Talent judges are left in hysterics by the Chippendoubles in the latest show.
CHOC guzzler James Boyd had viewers in hysterics last night as he tried to break the world record for binge eating Ferrero Rocher.