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In other words: however much anxiety the obsession with cuckoldry might evoke in early modern man, in jests about cuckolds he would, of course, be laughing about other cuckolds.
In seriousness or in jest, with acceptance of futility or with faint hope of success, they may exercise their franchise and write in the name of the candidate of their choice.
A line from the Greek poet Bion comes to mind: "Little boys throw stones at frogs in jest, though the frogs die, not in jest, but in earnest.
Anyone interested in jest literature, regardless of the aim of their study, would be well served by the extensive bibliography that concludes the work, which is conveniently divided into primary and secondary materials.
Davis acknowledged making the comment, but said it was in jest.
As part of a wide-ranging survey of ethnic confrontation in jest books from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Robert Secor examines how the colonists began shaping racist stories and jokes to protect their social order and superior status by marginalizing the outsiders, such as transplanted Africans, whom they would exploit most in building their country.
And what's the use in going back to school in January, when in jest 11 months it will be November 15 again and he'll have to start all over telling Ernest which way the dogs went?
Since our launch on January 17, 2007, we have had several hundred shoppers email us asking why we didn't have a food court, which was likely asked in jest.
Company spokeswoman Dari MacKenzie, half in jest, calls the group ``stealth developers.
Savage later said the stow was written in jest but has declined to say whether he voted.
The question was raised in jest after senators agreed on Monday to reduce from 20 percent to 10 percent the so-called vanity tax contained in the proposed tax reform measure.