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The Florida Supreme Court, in one fell swoop, made a complete mockery of the separation of powers so explicitly spelled out in the U.
In one fell swoop, the baroque fenders went from tacky-posh to adolescently unrefined.
Because 119 would decay into the yet-undiscovered 117, 115, and 113, science could gain four new elements in one fell swoop.
I became a women's prison fan and a soap fart in one fell swoop.
These days at eBay, one can bid on rare Furbies, Kurt Cobain's power of attorney document, and, thanks to Staehle, some old image files by Mariko Mori, all in one fell swoop.
In one fell swoop, Stratascope has changed all that.
Now, they get 1,624 institutions in one fell swoop.