in readiness

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The duke's attendants had received directions to have a boat in readiness at the jetty head, and to watch the embarkation of their master, without approaching him until either he or his friend should summon them, -- "whatever may happen," he had added, laying a stress upon these words, so that they might not be misunderstood.
Everything in readiness, I made a line fast to the apex of the shears and carried it directly to the windlass.
When all was in readiness the three took their seats in the buggy and Jim started cautiously along the way, Zeb driving while the Wizard and Dorothy each held a lighted lantern so the horse could see where to go.
I was put into the reticule, and carried about, in readiness for any suitable bargain that might turn up.
Over the rapids, where in after years trim Bell Weir lock will stand, they have been forced or dragged by their sturdy rowers, and now are crowding up as near as they dare come to the great covered barges, which lie in readiness to bear King John to where the fateful Charter waits his signing.
With his electric rifle in readiness, he leaped forward through the jungle.