in receivership

See: bankrupt
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The LSK holds that various underwriters that mostly dealt with PSVs have since 2005 been placed in receivership, but no solution to their predicament has been forthcoming.
The committee task force in charge of the Receivership Model Law Working Group told it to ask "interested regulators and interested parties to submit suggested issues, implications and possible solutions regarding (long-term care) insurance in receivership practices and Model Number 520.
provides its insurance regulators with such authority, correctly recognizing that "[p]lacing an insurer in receivership often destroys or diminishes, or is likely to destroy or diminish, the value of the insurer's assets .
Pink Beach Club, which closed in 2010, was also put in receivership by Butterfield.
Court's apparent suspicion of abuses in receivership practices was
Four new leases have been signed at 111 Great Neck Road in the town of Great Neck in Nassau County, NY bringing the property, which has been in receivership since 2010, to approximately 89% occupied.
an independent hotel development and management company headquartered in West Chester, Ohio, announced that it has recently signed two new contracts to manage hotels in receivership, adding 120 rooms to their management portfolio.
MBA's comments are not meant to promote any specific course of action for FHFA in receivership.
Local media reports said the firm was placed in receivership after an expected sale to a Chinese buyer fell through.
6) Receivers also share traits with bankruptcy trustees, overseeing an estate composed of the property of the entity in receivership and inheriting certain rights from the debtor, such as pursuing causes of action.