in sequence

References in classic literature ?
He knew already that his old friend wanted his grand-nephew to learn all he could of the subject in hand, and so had during his journey from the Peak put his thoughts in sequence for narration and explanation.
Simply place the solar panel facing the sun during daylight hours to charge, and at night the three fountain basins will light up in sequence (1,2,3) to imitate the flow of cascading water.
These moves are illustrated with lots of color photographs, including a helpful strip across the bottom where each step is shown in sequence.
Throughout the rest of the day, the maintenance person uses the PDA both to view WOs in sequence and to enter the detailed data associated with those WOs, including work descriptions, times, and required parts and materials.
Last in sequence, though apparently not last to be written, "Vineyard" serves as both coda and commencement for Blue as the Lake.