in the absence of

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In the absence of a deus ex machina, context typically arbitrates what is and is not art.
In the absence of fat, the microbes consume carbohydrates and proteins.
Mohammad Arshad, a daily wage earner, said persons like him were the worst sufferers due to the sit-ins as they could not earn to feed their families in the absence of business activities.
In the other, the Court's result effectively rewrote the insurance contract between the parties and has negative implications with respect to the rights of insurance companies to require insureds to adhere to specific late notice provisions in the future in the absence of prejudice.
Though in the absence of something crusty and nourishing, how do you ``break bread'' with friends?
And he has every chance of reaching his century at Highbury, with Jose Reyes set to partner him up front in the absence of Dennis Bergkamp.
What would have happened had an ATC not been available and the player had been allowed to finish the fourth quarter -- a likelihood in the absence of an allied health care medical professional?
In the absence of an architectural messiah, the public is driven to become more discerning in its appreciation of the century past-returning to classic modernism to find its unsung heroes.
Even in the absence of new federal legislation, many courts have found rationales for allowing suits against MCOs to go forward despite ERISA.
They concluded that in the absence of solid international and domestic support, it was best to mount yet another diplomatic effort.
But in the absence of anything better, many INS district directors instructed their examiners to choose their questions off of the list of 100.
For example, in the absence of any cultural factor, agents with relatively low metabolism and high vision enjoy a selective advantage in Sugarscape.