in the meantime

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I understood by him, and by others of him, that he had a wife, but that the lady was distempered in her head, and was under the conduct of her own relations, which he consented to, to avoid any reflections that might (as was not unusual in such cases) be cast on him for mismanaging her cure; and in the meantime he came to the Bath to divert his thoughts from the disturbance of such a melancholy circumstance as that was.
I told him that though my cargo of tobacco was damaged, yet that it was not quite lost; that the merchant I had been consigned to had so honestly managed for me that I had not wanted, and that I hoped, with frugal management, I should make it hold out till more would come, which I expected by the next fleet; that in the meantime I had retrenched my expenses, and whereas I kept a maid last season, now I lived without; and whereas I had a chamber and a dining-room then on the first floor, as he knew, I now had but one room, two pair of stairs, and the like.
In the meantime the doves, protected by religious feeling, had increased mightily, and were known in all Catholic communities.
In the meantime it helped me to lie still, my thoughts fixed on the night, and the day made easy for me after all.
In the meantime, his staff is taking comments and responding to questions from various groups, especially from small business and tax exempt and government entities, about the effect of the proposals on various types of tax-deferred savings accounts.
In the meantime, voice input and output is just now being incorporated in PDA applications, says Terry.
In the meantime, Mohamed, who speaks only Arabic, has a sense of isolation and growing desolation.
In the meantime, Smith's righthand man, Archie Knox, will assume control as caretaker boss ahead of Saturday's home clash with Fulham.
In the meantime, most taxpayers under audit can rely on the protective procedures the Service provided in Ann.
In the meantime, though, yield-oriented investors are paying the price.
In the meantime, an army of activists is working to make schools, among other institutions, safe and free of discrimination.
He has pleased connections in the meantime and is ready to run his race today.