in violation of

See: deviant
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Laws in violation of private contracts, as they amount to aggressions on the rights of those States whose citizens are injured by them, may be considered as another probable source of hostility.
And know you further by witness of thine own eyes that see him here now upon the Pedestal of Truth that he has indeed returned from these sacred precincts in the face of our ancient customs, and in violation of the sanctity of our ancient religion.
Let us give up Argive Helen and her wealth to the sons of Atreus, for we are now fighting in violation of our solemn covenants, and shall not prosper till we have done as I say.
I must therefore remind you, that when we first talked over together that class of productions, in one of which the private and family affairs of your learned northern friend, Mr Oldbuck of Monkbarns, were so unjustifiably exposed to the public, some discussion occurred between us concerning the cause of the popularity these works have attained in this idle age, which, whatever other merit they possess, must be admitted to be hastily written, and in violation of every rule assigned to the epopeia.
If in violation of your mother's sentiments, you had condescended to allow yourself to be patronized by the Boffins, and if you had come from those halls of slavery--'
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Information Pervaiz Rashid has wondered how PTI was allotted party symbol in the last general elections despite being in violation of the Political Parties Act.
Another agent, he remembers, said 'I'm going to write a memo to the chief of police that he's in violation of federal law, because he wrote a new policy saying they won't call the INS.
7 million aliens who were living here in violation of our laws were rewarded with the most coveted prize in the world--free access to America and the road to citizenship--ahead of all those millions of others who were doing the right thing by standing in line and applying for immigration through legal means, and complying with our laws.
11 were foreign-born men living in the United States on temporary visas, and at least two were in violation of their visa conditions.
If you are caught harboring them, you might very well be in violation of the law.
The action was based on the claim that bringing the media into the home constituted an unreasonable search in violation of the Wilsons' Fourth Amendment rights.
So far, no murals in Santa Clarita have been questioned as being in violation of the city's sign ordinance, which took effect Nov.