inability to accept

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Martin sent his inability to accept and his regrets by wire "collect.
The culture wars boil down to an inability to accept alternative points of view, and are exacerbated by confusion of the personal with the political.
Our position on the recent crisis stems from our inability to accept that any authority in the world could tamper with our dignity.
COMMON sense and 'actually making decisions to implement positive change in the game' are phrases which seem to mean very little to the football authorities - hence their inability to accept most video technology, for instance.
As you read the accounts of women reflecting back on a decision they would give anything to take back, often they are grappling with two convictions at war with each other: that God has forgiven them but their own inability to accept that forgiveness.
His dad also expressed his inability to accept him.
Despite these problems, the author has revealed that the enthusiasm generated for Fremont in the 1840s and 1850s was considerably misplaced by Fremont's inability to accept authority at critical times in his life.
Their inability to accept a democratic decision on Brexit reflects similar fury when the ignorant masses voted in the Tories in 2015, thus depriving the country of that nice Mr Corbyn's workers' paradise.
Duterte is demonstrating an inability to accept criticism if he perceives it to be directed at himself.
When people say the Supreme Court cannot vote contrary to "God's law" after it legalizes same-sex marriage, they undermine the checks and balances so fundamental to our democracy and highlight their inability to accept a great number of their peers.
These states' representatives also expressed their inability to accept the presentation of the NEET-UG in only English and Hindi.
So the real issue is your inability to accept her imperfections.