inability to pay

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Limited's petition to wind-up the company because of its inability to pay its debts.
The delegation expressed concern over the closure of schools due to parents' inability to pay the growing school fees, especially after the implementation of law 46.
1million to 81,000 customers whose inability to pay was ignored.
20,000 as the complainant expressed his inability to pay such a huge amount and directed the complainant to pay him the said gratification.
According to the Governor of El Kef, the plant's boss had recently sent a letter to the regional labour inspectorate to inform of his inability to pay the wages of the workers in July.
The cities of San Antonio and Corpus Christi don't jail people for their inability to pay low-level fines, Zaffirni said before the Senate vote, adding, "Even though imprisoning the poor for the inability to afford to pay fines is unconstitutional, it's happening across this state.
KUWAIT, May 26 (KUNA) -- Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri stated Friday that 427 defaulters have benefited from a campaign to pay the debts of those threatened by jail for inability to pay back their debts.
Residents told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "elements of Daash have released 40 of the innocent detainees, who had nothing to do with the charges that Daash fabricated to them, in exchange of $ 500," adding that "Daash stipulated on each detainee to pay the amount in advance before releasing, while others are still in the jails because of their inability to pay.
We're seeing a fracture in their morale, we're seeing their inability to pay, we're seeing the inability to fight, we're watching them try to leave Daesh in every single way," Gersten said, using the Arabic acronym for the group.
He asserted that the majority of citizens must not be wronged because of a minority of them and that withdrawing the housing unit because of the inability to pay due to some reasons like losing a job or the inability to provide daily necessities should not be encouraged.
Abbasi told the House that gas is being supplied to Pakistan Steel Mills at the minimum level because of its inability to pay the bills.
Hyderabad: A farmer's son committed suicide by jumping before a train after he was humiliated by the school authorities over his inability to pay school fees.