inability to work

See: disability
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In most cases, complainants complain about inadequate conditions of detention, unsatisfactory medical care, an obstacle imposed by the administration on issues of exemption from further serving a sentence, improper use of physical force and special means by the personnel, inability to work in a correctional institution or receive a decent salary for it payment ", - said the Commissioner.
He said the garden is in a mess because of the flooding and his inability to work on it.
They have also started to take in the working donkeys that have been abandoned through sickness and an inability to work.
RaunerEs inability to work the gears of government should not discount the publicEs frustration with the status quo.
Trump has little to show for his nine months in office, having been unable to make a convincing argument for repeal of the Affordable Care Act, due largely to an inability to work with Congress, which itself is unable to function because of the inability or unwillingness of the leaders of both parties to forge compromises.
You'll also find sites disputing these numbers, purporting a much less significant wage gap--calculating in factors such as "choice" of lower-paying careers, inability to work longer hours and lower levels of education.
Although industrial robots have found much success supporting manufacturing operations, the usefulness of these same systems has been limited by their high costs, complex programming, inflexibility and inability to work in close association with humans," said Dan Kara, research director for robotics at ABI Research.
Such allegations [are an attempt to] cover up the airline's incompetence and inability to work according to the standard operating procedure.
Less than 24 hours after Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister (CM) of the Indian state of Bihar, resigned from his post, citing inability to work with his deputy chief minister, Tejashwi Yadav, the suave politician was back as the state's CM.
While he waits for his appeal, he can only claim jobseekers allowance but his inability to work means his money is stopped and he begins to go hungry.
Lost productivity caused by passengers' inability to work on affected flights is costing an estimated $180 million a year, he said.
ISLAMABAD -- CAA strongly sets aside Shaheen Airline International's allegations about the recent woes, distress and agony of passengers being caused by the regulator and has termed such allegations from SAI as a cover up of airline's incompetence and inability to work according to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).