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v) inaccurately asserts without any factual basis "the Company's value will be more than $500 Million after moving to NASDAQ.
I found myself checking all of the footnotes so that I could see the line of development of arguments and also so that I didn't interpret the material inaccurately.
The guide also inaccurately portrayed Kerry's position on permanently extending the $1,000 child tax credit Kerry was listed as opposing the extension, but Michael Meehan, a senior official for the Kerry campaign, called that "patently false.
But in some key ways, the engraving inaccurately depicts the incident.
Butragueno claimed he was inaccurately quoted in reports which suggested Real had agreed personal terms with the France midfielder.
we inaccurately stated that Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials and Grace Electron are in joint R&D on platforms for embedded passives and optoelectronics.
ManTech protests that the agency's evaluation of technical proposals was flawed and that the source selection decision relied on inaccurately recorded evaluation data.
US investigators are looking at the possibility that questions and answers were inaccurately translated, US officials said.
Her multiple-period awareness gives added substance to MacDonald's insistence that "[sleeking to recover black women entirely from within slavery inaccurately foreshortens what might be termed their representational presence in the west" (16).
Respondents expressed concern about a wide range of issues, including the growing number of financial statement revisions by companies that had recognized revenue inaccurately.
for People, Processes and Paper inaccurately credited the presenter of this award in the "People on the Move" section.
Wells did become disenchanted with Soviet-style Marxism, and it is true that he left the Fabian society (in 1906, not 1908, as Keller inaccurately states) after a falling-out with Shaw and the Webbs.