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Neither will it adopt inappropriate superlatives that inaccurately place the building at the forefront of state of the art architectural progress: those that allude to performative infrastructures, warp factors, or futuristic forms of lunar urbanism.
presents John Paul Jones: America's First Sea Warrior, a biography that eschews both the blind idolization of past accounts and the inaccurately deconstructionist present accounts of Jones' amazing life.
In "A Race to Reclaim Forests" (Autumn 05), Lyme Timber's role in the Errol community forest project was inaccurately described.
Abramsky inaccurately states that the left is unwilling to grapple with totalitarian-think.
Your article inaccurately states, "Thai Buddhists hold that each person's soul inhabits many physical bodies over time.
OUR article last Sunday "Axed and Emergency" inaccurately attributed quotes to the Department of Health.
According to Bronson, only one of 33 products tested, including cookies, wafers, and margarines, was inaccurately labeled.
aerobic exercise, are occasionally reported inaccurately or with a host of popular myths attached.
Sam Lohs, Susie Keynes, and Mel Watson, the lesbian trio Fruit from Adelaide, Australia, have been inaccurately compared to the Indigo Girls for their meticulous harmonies.
Having selectively, and in one case wholly inaccurately, cited the above authors, O'Connor alleges they all claim that the pope should be "answerable" to them.
An article in the May 2 edition of the "Retail Pharmacy" section of Chain Drag Review inaccurately reported Purdue Pharma LP's marketing plans for Palladone, an analgesic.
For example, EPDM is frequently referred to inaccurately as "ethylene-propylenediene-monomer.