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Some researchers believe that the resulting inaction from anticipatory regret could represent an attempt to escape regret rather than avoid it (Tykocinski & Pittman, 1998).
Responsibility of the world and its (dis)order belongs to each of us with the realization that our action and inaction makes a difference.
The court also found fact issues as to whether the action s or inactions of juvenile probation officers rose above the level of mere negligence and constituted deliberate indifference, and whether the detainee was in the custody of the officers at the time he escaped from the detention facility and committed suicide with a gun he had surreptitiously brought into the facility.
These risks include, but are not limited to: crude oil and natural gas price volatility, exchange rate fluctuations, availability of services and supplies, operating hazards and mechanical failures, uncertainties in the estimates of reserves and in projection of future rates of production and timing of development expenditures, general economic conditions, and the actions or inactions of third-party operators.